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Enable Wireguard in Synology 918+


Some applications only working in same broadcast, so vpn feature is must have when access personal resource (e.g: NAS) from Internet. The artical only cover Wireguard, but not include theory.

Install APP

Follow up by the Github for synology-wireguard, not summarized again. Just put the spk:




在此篇文章里,简单总结下通过SRTE调度EVPN ELAN的流量,然后通过show信息,来查看引流及相关内容,并熟悉EVPN,EVPN基础部分,可以参考之前的文章,里面包含Route Type的信息:EVPN Summary




How To Deploy STC VM by QEMU?



Virtual STC inclulde 3 components:

  • License Server VM
  • Application: Spirent TestCenter
  • Virtual TestCenter: STC port VM

Different platoform have diff version, e.g Virtual TestCenter have ESXi platform or QEMU platform, different platform have diff License, if use incorrect platform or License, will have alarm, e.g:

So I summarized hwo to deploy STC VM by QEMU in the article.


Segment Routing Hands-on

I summaried the hands-on at 2019.7, public on my blog now. So you will find the version is old (652/661), new version(721/731) include more inovation features in SR solution.


I summarized SR/SRTE hands-on-deck that includes our highlight features and show information in the same topology, content includes the following topic, now revised version is v3:

  • Hands-on Brief
  • Segment Routing Basic
  • L3VPN in Segment Routing
  • Interworking between LDP and SR
  • TI-LFA in Segment Routing
  • SRTE Solution in MPLS SR
  • SR IGP Flexible Algorithms
  • Egress Peer Engineering(EPE)
  • SRv6 Solution

Replaced mLACP and NV Cluster by EVPN + Anycast IRB on NCS5500/Fretta



There are two old great features that can achieve Active/Active in multi-chassis:

  • mLACP: ASR9k support, and by ICCP.
  • NV Cluster: only ASR9k support, not need other protocol (e.g ICCP), but not support from 6.x.

So could we have the similar solution on NCS55xx? The answer is “Yes”, we can deploy EVPN + Anycast IRB to achieve the similar function. For this article, no reference to real EVPN environment, only use multi-home A/A EVPN function. And include testing when link failure.


  • If you deploy EVPN + Any IRB, you must to know there are no dynamic IGP protocol between CE/mPE or Host/mPE, only Static or default GW. That due to we couldn’t deploy the same IGP process at two chassis. That should different with NV Cluster. As follow:
  • Due to deploy EVPN that belong to BGP, so we need underlay protocol that can be achieved by LDP or Segment Routing. In this example, will deploy Segment Routing.
  • Traffic(via EVPN) will not forward to the link between two PEs, so no need to deploy inter-link. Except customer has other L3 business in the same PEs.
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