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How to Import Global Route in IXIA

Thanks @JianJian‘s sharing how to import global route in IXIA. The article have two part, 1st part was done by IxNetwork original way. 2nd part will done by IXNetwork Scenario (later updste).

Before import, we must have global route table file, we can download from follow lnik:



Direct boot eXR ISO by iPXE

The article should applies to all eXR platform, include ASR9k, Cisco8000, NCS5500, NCS6k. The output information maybe different by diff platform, but the iPXE method should same. Btw in eXR, if you want to recovery password, will require iPXE.

Enable HTTP Service at linux

[root@nso exr]# python -m SimpleHTTPServer
Serving HTTP on port 8000 ...



Segment Routing Microloop Avoidance – 微环避免


  • 微环路是什么?微环避免能做什么?
  • 微环避免跟TI-LFA有什么关系?
  • 微环避免和TI-LFA同时存在的情况下,是否都会有作用?



Telemetry Solution Demo with IOS XR

I put a telemetry demo to youtube at last year, but no more time summary… now I summaried in the article, will help you to easy build up the solution. Due to original testbed had changed, so follow some info maybe change, but all procedure should same. And XR configuration file is original. Demo video at this link:

Install Grafana and Influxdb by Docker

docker run -d -v grafana-storage:/var/lib/grafana -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana:5.4.3
docker run -d --volume=/opt/influxdb:/data -p 8080:8083 -p 8086:8086 tutum/influxdb

Install Pipeline

git clone

Config Pipeline



How to upgrade eXR by one cmd “install replaced” | NCS5500

Awesome upgrade cmd for eXR, that will help customer simplify upgrade procedure and do upgrade automation! Feature release from 652. Just tested and summarized.

I summarized normal upgrade eXR version by install add/prepare/active at former: Upgrade/Install Packages in eXR. For the article, will summary how to upgrade by install replaced.

“Install replaced” is a new cmd that help customer upgrade only by one cmd, don’t need to add/prepare/active steps, that only support by GISO. What is GISO? That is an image bundle, customer can flexibly customize the image, e.g only bundle: ISIS rpm + mini iso + k9 rpm + configuration to one GISO, more GISO information, please check CCO Doc: Flexible Packaging Configuration Guide for Cisco NCS 5500 Series Routers

PS: “Install replaced” that will not affect running configuration, and auto removes inactive rpm, and commit.

Build GISO


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