Some effective tools tips on Mac platform


Transfer to Mac platform for many years, some effective tools are very useful at normal work. Some tools can transparent to covert to Mac platform, e.g SecureCRT, UltraEdit. But some of better new tools need to be adapted, so I wrote the article and discussed tips of them. That can help some people easy and effective to use the tools. Certainly, please support genuine software 🙂


I like login to linux server by terminal of MacOS, but that tool function very less and couldn’t auto generate logg, so I found another good free tool – Iterm2, that is good terminal console in MacOS. Let me show some tips on Iterm2.

  • Enable auto log generate in session part/Miscellaneous:

  • Customize automatically log

  • Auto convert tab name as hostname

When you login to different server, session tab name will auto change~

Add follow command in your profile:

$ more .bash_profile
# Only show the current directory's name in the tab
export PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033]0;${PWD##*/}\007"'



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