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Segment Routing Microloop Avoidance – 微环避免


  • 微环路是什么?微环避免能做什么?
  • 微环避免跟TI-LFA有什么关系?
  • 微环避免和TI-LFA同时存在的情况下,是否都会有作用?



Inter-domain traffic steering solution with EPE and XTC ODN


Now more customer complains their Peering network not flexible and hard to control, that will cause peering link’s utilization not balance and waste of resources. As follow the example on Router-2, customer peering device connect to multi ISP, each ISP sends full internet route, select only based on the BGP. BGP select rule only based on the route but not real traffics, that may be cause port-A’s traffics have 8G, but port-B and port-C only have 4G, if want to adjust BGP select, only change RPL that more complex, and due to route from internet and multi ISP, so route maybe change at some time, in order to balance peering link, customer must continue to adjust their RPL.

Could we have more flexible and simplest way to resolve the issue? The answer is Yes 🙂 we can achieve the task by Segment Routing – Egress Peer Engineering. Now some customer had deployed the solution, that combine NetFlow, Openbmp to check AS/traffics of prefix, then send BGP LU(EPE label) to ingress node, and easy to control traffics.


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