Enable Raid10 and Install ESXI6.7 on Cisco FlexFlash | C240 M5S

1. Config CIMC (Cisco Integrated Management Controller)

– Connect Display/Mouse to UCS, and FJ45 to CIMC Port

– Power on UCS, then press F8, config IPv4/GW, as follow

2. Config FlexFlash

– Login CIMC address by web

– Config “Auto Sync” in “Configure Cards”, and waiting sync complete

– After sync, enable “Hypervisor” in “Virtual Drives”

3. Config Raid10

– Change “Physical Drives” to “unconfigired” from “JBOD”

– Config Raid10 and adjust properties as follow

4. Config ESXI

– Then login in virtual console by “Launch KVM” -> “HTML based KVM”

– “Activate Virtual Decvices” and mapping ESXI image

– After complete installing, set FlexFlash boot priority in “Configure BIOS Order”


At first there was follow alarm when install ESXI, that due to SD Card of FlexFlash not empty, so you need boot with GParted first, then remove original “fat32 disk”, then “Create Partition Table…”. After completed this task, then install ESXI.

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