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How to troubleshooting HW FIB on ASR9k | PBTS/TE

Problem Description

Follow Topology     
   +------+      +------+     +------+     +------+
   |XiAn  |      | SZ   |     |HKBR  |     |Canada|
   |Huawei+------+      +-----+ASR9k +-----+ASR9k |
   +------+      +------+     +------+     +------+

For the issue, HuaWei is Head, asr9k should mid and end node. And Huawei found they put the traffics to Canada by LDP label, not TE label. So traffics should arrive to HK ASR9k by LDP label, then forwarding by LDP too from HK ASR9k to Canada. That not match normal scenario.

For normal scenario, should use TE label from head to end. And after Huawei put traffics to TE LSP, the issue will recovery to normal. Refer to why Huawei send traffics by LDP, that should their issue, will fix in future by them, but even if to do that, 9k shouldn’t drop packets. We need find whether packets drop at 9k and due to label issue first. Now set up test environment in customer site. waiting update.


PWHE Example on ASR9k

什么是PWHE?Pseudowire Headend,它类似于BVI,由于BVI有很多限制,所以研发了PWHE,它会利用进口的硬件资源,从而执行更多硬件级别的feature,如进出QOS等,而且BVI在一台chassis上只能支持2000个,而PWHE则更多。



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