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show filter tips little summary on IOS/XR


1.RP/0/RP1/CPU0:ios#admin show controllers fabric link port s2tx | i 3/SM5/1 | i UP….DOWN

F1/SM10/SP/0/8          UP    DOWN  do      3/SM5/SP/3/27    F1/SM10/3   3/SM5/1   
F1/SM10/SP/0/9          UP    DOWN  do      3/SM5/SP/2/27    F1/SM10/3   3/SM5/1   
F1/SM10/SP/0/26         UP    DOWN  do      3/SM5/SP/1/27    F1/SM10/3   3/SM5/1   
F1/SM10/SP/0/43         UP    DOWN  do      3/SM5/SP/2/11    F1/SM10/3   3/SM5/1   
F1/SM10/SP/1/9          UP    DOWN  do      3/SM5/SP/2/0     F1/SM10/3   3/SM5/1


关于Cat6k/7600 High CPU TS的相关命令

High Cpu Capture Packets No.1 by Span Way

A SPAN for the RP or SP port in Cisco IOS Software is available in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1(19)E and later.

switch# monitor session 1 source interface
switch# monitor session 1 destination interface

Now go to SP console:, we can do this on following way :

switch#remote log sw
switch-sp#test monitor add 1 rp-inband rx
test monitor add|del session# rp_inband|sp_inband [rx|tx|both]

Catalyst 6500/6000 Switch High CPU Utilization

关于Cat4k High CPU TS的相关命令

4500 High Cpu Action Plan.No.1

Config “no ip unreachables” and “no ip redirects” in all L3 interface or SVI. General the “ip unreachables” and “ip redirects” will affect cpu utilization in 4000/4500. So if  don’t requirement for “ip unreachables” and “ip redirects”. Suggest to turn off the feature first. Then confirm the problem will be clear.
关于redirect的内容,可以参考之前的文章《ICMP 重定向的一些问题》和《Layer 3 层网络中的重定向》 ,另外官网也有详细介绍: When Are ICMP Redirects Sent?

4500 High Cpu Action Plan.No.2

If the cpu couldn’t downgrade, then capture follow information:

#clear counters 
#show int switching  //some times #show ip int
#show proc cpu sorted | exclude 0.00
#show proc mem sorted
#show platform health
#show platform cpu packet statistics all


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