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IXIA Guide

We often to do complicated lab repro by traffics generator – IXIA, so it is important for us to use IXIA. In order to easy to handle the skill, I done some example by video. If you have good IXIA example video, please put here and share with us. The article will continue to be updated.

Deploy BGP and change AS-Path by IXIA Scenario


NCS6K: XRVM loses console


Customer get HostOS when connect to XRVM console after installing ISSU SMU, and confirmed XRVM normal work.


  • SAVM and XRVM on all RPs and LCs, FC only have SAVM, check by “show vm” in admin vm, SAVM and XRVM mapping to console 0 & 1, as follow:
  • Except SAVM and XRVM, have key components that is host system in RPs or LCs, you can check host by follow steps, login by “ssh ” after “chvrf 0 bash”.


Blog顺利完成搬家之Bandwagonhost VPS


痛定思痛,弃用Hostgator!经同事推荐,Bandwagonhost 速度不错,便宜,稳定,而且还是VPS,自由度很大,最好的是每年续费不涨钱:-) 所以我买了他们比较便宜的那款,年费在29美金/year(CN2),比 Hostgator便宜,速度还快!

Some effective tools tips on Mac platform

Transfer to Mac platform for many years, some effective tools are very useful at normal work. Some tools can transparent to covert to Mac platform, e.g SecureCRT, UltraEdit. But some of better new tools need to be adapted, so I wrote the article and discussed tips of them. That can help some people easy and effective to use the tools. Certainly, please support genuine software 🙂


I like login to linux server by terminal of MacOS, but that tool function very less and couldn’t auto generate logg, so I found another good free tool – Iterm2, that is good terminal console in MacOS. Let me show some tips on Iterm2.

Linux操作系统虚拟机(ESXi、VMware Workstation等)MAC地址变化后网卡无法启动-转


虚拟机MAC改变后,无法启动,并报错:“Device eth0 does not seem to be present”
出现该问题,是由于MAC地址变更后,操作系统仍然保留原来MAC地址作为eth0,并且将新的MAC地址识别为新的网卡导致的,可以删除文件“/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rule”中老MAC的信息,并把新MAC中的eth1改成eth0,通过start_udev重新加载udev,然后重启网卡恢复:“service network restart”