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Two issues for IxNetwork when set eBGP by Scenario

Ixia updates NexGen framework in IxNetwork, that is great function and help tester simplified workload, but looks like the function couldn’t completely automate,  e.g when you config local address, GW address couldn’t auto-generate, you must manually change that, that should ok, everybody should fix that~ 🙂  But some issue will waste your time to troubleshooting. Summary two issues for the article that will help you fast to fix similar issues.

My IxNetwork version is 7.40.929.28.GA, GA version, wish to fix those issues at MR version 🙂

MALFORM update error on NCS5500



MPLS over GRE on NCS5500

For the artical, will summary how to mpls over gre on NCS5500, NCS5500 only enable decap mode of GRE(6.1.x support the feature), that feature will flexible terminal GRE session that from DC servers. Btw, in order to verify packets from the tester, will capture packets by ERSPAN on NCS55A1.


  • NCS55A1-2 learn eBGP route from tester 5/2
  • Ony IPv4/IGP forwarding from Terster 5/1 -> 55A1-1 -> 55A1-2
  • Send traffics(GRE + EPE ) from tester 5/1, and terminate at NCS55A1-2, then forward to EPE link



Activate XRv9k Smart License by SSMS

At last article Direct activate XRv9k Smart License, I summarized how to direct activate XRv9k Smart License. Before doing that, XRv9k must be able to access the Internet(Cisco License web). Same as follow picture “Direct Deployment”. But some customers couldn’t let devices access the internet due to security. So we must activate the smart license in another way. That is Smart Software Manager satellite, same as “Mediated Deployment” in the following picture.



Upgrade/Install Packages in eXR

Check now version, due to now version include multi packages, so you must include those packages when you upgrade:

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:R31#show ins ac sum
Fri Mar 29 02:35:01.477 UTC
    Active Packages: 9
        ncs5500-xr-6.6.1 version=6.6.1 [Boot image]

Check whether harddisk/disk have enough space, please remove unuse file and tem file in disk/harddisk



Deploy OpenVPN on OpenWRT

My VPS(Bandwagon) include OpenVPN script, but only support Centos6.x that version not good for docker (my blog deploy by docker Blog顺利完成搬家之Bandwagonhost VPS), so need to do by other scripts. OpenWRT config OpenVPN client has some different, so summary the info to the article for review.

But due to GFW, OpenVPN couldn’t establish at last, reset happened between server and client, but the setup should workable.

Deploy OpenVPN at Server

Don’t know why couldn’t find OpenVPN pacakage by yum, even if have epel source

[root@frank ~]# rpm -qa |grep epel
[root@frank ~]# yum install openvpn
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * base:
 * extras:
 * updates:
No package openvpn available.
Error: Nothing to do