IXIA Guide

We often to do complicated lab repro by traffics generator – IXIA, so it is important for us to use IXIA. In order to easy to handle the skill, I done some example by video. If you have good IXIA example video, please put here and share with us. The article will continue to be updated.

Deploy BGP and change AS-Path by IXIA Scenario


IXIA-1------------(Bundle 11) ASR9k (Bundle 12) ----------IXIA-2

Task by IXIA NextGen Protocol Framework (NGPF)

  1. Set up BGP neighbor
  2. Change AS-path number
  3. Send traffics

Deploy ISIS by IXIA Scenario

ISIS Flapping by IXIA Automation

If you want to use automation/script on ixia to flap port/protocol, you can reference my follow video.

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