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How to Import Global Route in IXIA

Thanks @JianJian‘s sharing how to import global route in IXIA. The article have two part, 1st part was done by IxNetwork original way. 2nd part will done by IXNetwork Scenario (later updste).

Before import, we must have global route table file, we can download from follow lnik:


Two issues for IxNetwork when set eBGP by Scenario

Ixia updates NexGen framework in IxNetwork, that is great function and help tester simplified workload, but looks like the function couldn’t completely automate,  e.g when you config local address, GW address couldn’t auto-generate, you must manually change that, that should ok, everybody should fix that~ 🙂  But some issue will waste your time to troubleshooting. Summary two issues for the article that will help you fast to fix similar issues.

My IxNetwork version is 7.40.929.28.GA, GA version, wish to fix those issues at MR version 🙂

MALFORM update error on NCS5500


IXIA Guide

We often to do complicated lab repro by traffics generator – IXIA, so it is important for us to use IXIA. In order to easy to handle the skill, I done some example by video. If you have good IXIA example video, please put here and share with us. The article will continue to be updated.

Deploy BGP and change AS-Path by IXIA Scenario


IXIA IxNetwork


1. 分配端口

IxNetwork和IxEplorer不是一个组件,他们可以单独运行,所以如果需要IxNetwork,需要单独安装,安装完后启动。并根据下图实例选择物理端口,绿色的是端口up,带叉的有人在用,可以右键“clear onwership”:


Agilent 建立BGP邻居及打流量


1. 连接好Agilnewent端口后,通过“mstsc”登录到Agilent上,点击添加端口(第一次登录会默认让用户去设置端口)


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