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Cisco 网络自动化展示


Summary intros session, and there are two separate demo sessions to deep dive, as follow:


NSO For NFVO – 01


VNF(Virtual Network Function):是NFV(Network Function Virtualization)的一个组件,通过VNF,可以屏蔽硬件需求;可以通过VMs使用VNFs部署各种功能

VNFD(VNF Descriptor):描述VNF,在其中VDU(Virtual Decice Unit)将会被定义,等同于单个的VM;简单的VNFD会包含单个VDU,复杂的VNFD会包含多个VDUs;VDU包含vCPU,memory,storage,image,flavor,NIC ID mapping和NED type等;NVFD在ETSI SOL001(YAML)和SOL006(Yang)标准中定义




New install NSO and Connect with XR by CLI/Netconf NED

Not update any NSO article to my blog, I will put more NSO info to here, wish that will help more guys. The article will include more hands-on experiences, help beginner fast connect xr devices with nso by cli or netconf ned. For netcong NED, build by Pioneer at former, that need to manual exclude the Yang file that no support. In the article, will build netconf ned by native tool of NSO 5.2.0.

Platform Info

[root@nso opt]# ncs --version
[root@nso opt]# cat /etc/redhat-release 
CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core) 
RP/0/RP0/CPU0:frank#show ins ac sum
Wed Aug  7 01:53:03.286 UTC
    Active Packages: 1
        xrv9k-xr- version= [Boot image]


How to get correct Yang configuration on ASR9k

Now some customer test netconf-yang on our XR platform. And frequency to check how to get correct yang config(XML), then they test the yang config by their controller to touch with our devices. Now there are several ways to achieve that, summed up to facilitate review:

Commit follow cmd:

netconf-yang agent ssh
ssh server v2
ssh server rate-limit 300
ssh server netconf vrf default
ssh server logging

Generate key:

#crypto key generate dsa


  • We can ssh 830 to asr9k paltform, then get the configuration, that should correct yang config, you can reference attachment at test-xml-by-ssh.txt
ssh [email protected] -p 830 -s netconf
  • We can build Netconf NED by pioneer in NSO, then sync-from devices, and “devices device 9001-A compare-config outformat xml”, that should correct yang config
  • After install NSO, we can use follow tools to achieve that function too
netconf-console -u cisco -p cisco --host --port 831 --get-config


Btw, please attention “-” and “–” that maybe cause command issue.

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