Troubleshooting IPoE Session that pending at “ACK-DPM-WAIT”


The article will talk about what is “ACK-DPM-WAIT”, and how to troubleshooting the similar scenario. Due to limitation info that couldn’t narrow down, in my CASE, so will update the article if the issue happen again and find RCA.

Problem Description

Version: 5.1.3 + induvial SMU
Platform: 9010 + Mod80 + A9K-MPA-4X10GE
BNG: IPOE, DHCP Proxy, 28k session

My customer found part of BNG session was failure. Trigger is due to customer power supply have issue that cause the asr9k re-power. After 9k reload, found dhcpd and arp have so many alarms, dhcpd was recovery after tried restart process multi times, but arp continue have SPIO alarm even if tried restart process, customer had enabled arp local disable on the BNG port.

The issue sessions got address correct from DHCP, but session would be deleted after 15min. After checked on asr9k, we found issue session pending on ACK_DPM_WAIT status. And the issue was auto recovery at approx.19:00-19:30. And at that timeslot, arp alarm disappear too.

There are some info:

#sh ipsubscriber summary 
Mon Sep 11 10:21:53.790 Beijing
IPSUB Summary for all nodes

Interface Counts:
                                    DHCP  Pkt Trigger
                              ---------- ------------
                     Invalid:          0            0
                 Initialized:          0            0
    Session creation started:          0            0
    Control-policy executing:          0            0
     Control-policy executed:          0            0
    Session features applied:        361            0  <<<
              VRF configured:          0            0
            Adding adjacency:          0            0
             Adjacency added:          0            0
                          Up:      28338            0
                        Down:          0            0
                     Down AF:          0            0
            Down AF Complete:          0            0
               Disconnecting:          0            0
                Disconnected:          1            0
                       Error:          0            0
                              ---------- ------------
                       Total:      28700            0
#sh dhcp ipv4 proxy binding | exclude BOUND
Mon Sep 11 10:32:48.477 Beijing
 MAC Address      IP Address      State    Remaining       Interface          VRF      Sublabel 
--------------  --------------  ---------  ---------  -------------------  ---------  ----------
......     10.10.xx.41     ACK_DPM_WAIT 58         BE1.11            default    0x12ec3c     10.10.xx.179    ACK_DPM_WAIT 58         BE1.11            default    0x12f9b6     10.10.xx.116    ACK_DPM_WAIT 58         BE1.11            default    0x130046     10.10.xx.133    ACK_DPM_WAIT 58         BE1.11            default    0x1304b8     10.10.xx.152    ACK_DPM_WAIT 58         BE1.11            default    0x1305ba     10.10.xx.53     ACK_DPM_WAIT 58         BE1.11            default    0x13071c  

#sh dhcp ipv4 proxy binding sum
Mon Sep 11 10:36:59.657 Beijing

Total number of clients: 28528

     STATE                |     COUNT     |
  INIT                    |            0  |
  INIT_DPM_WAITING        |            0  |
  SELECTING               |            0  |
  REQUESTING              |            0  |
  REQUEST_INIT_DPM_WAITING|            0  |
  ACK_DPM_WAITING         |          307  | <<<
  BOUND                   |        28065  |
  RENEWING                |            0  |
  INFORMING               |            0  |
  REAUTHORIZE             |            0  |
  DISCONNECT_DPM_WAIT     |           33  |
  ADDR_CHANGE_DPM_WAIT    |            0  |
  DELETING                |            6  |


dhcp ipv4
 profile vod proxy
  helper-address vrf default x.x.x.x giaddr
 interface Bundle-Ether1.11 proxy profile vod

Dynamic Template
 type ipsubscriber vod-profile
  ipv4 unnumbered Loopback 1111

Port Config
interface Bundle-Ether1.11
 ipv4 point-to-point
 ipv4 unnumbered Loopback 1111
 arp learning disable
 service-policy type control subscriber vod-sub
 ipsubscriber ipv4 l2-connected
  initiator dhcp
 encapsulation ambiguous dot1q any second-dot1q any

IPoE Loopback Config
interface Loopback0
 ipv4 address 10.10.xx.1
 ipv4 address 188.xx.xx.1 secondary  
# if end user expired, dhcp will deliver this address
# as follow policy, 188 network will drop 

IGP at uplink side
prefix-set expired-1
route-policy expired
  if destination in expired-1 then
router ospf 123
 router-id x.x.x.x
 nsf cisco
 area 0
  interface Bundle-Etherx # uplink
 area 456 # put the IPoE newtwork to stub area
  route-policy expired out
  interface Loopback 1111
   loopback stub-network enable

IPoE Policy
class-map type control subscriber match-any classical-protocol
 match protocol dhcpv4 
policy-map type control subscriber vod-sub
 event session-start match-first
  class type control subscriber classical-protocol do-until-failure
   1 activate dynamic-template vod-profile


For ACK_DPM_WAIT: iedge taking more time to respond to dhcp, that is why session is in ACK_DPM_WAIT state for long time, the reason for iedge giving late respond may be caused due to the iedge client responding late. refer to iedge client, we need BU help analyzing from idege tech/trace.

For LEASE_DPM_SUCCESS: that is from the time discover comes to the dhcp till the time iedge responds final update to the dhcp, that mean iedge complete it task, so talk to dhcp, so set LEASE_DPM_SUCCESS status, that is normal flag.

Session will up and set LEASE_DPM_SUCCESS If iedge pending time < 5min; if iedge pending time > 5min, it will notice dhcp to disconnect the session. We can check follow call flow that can help clear to understand:

Action Plan

After discussed with iEdge Team, we need follow infomraiton when issue happened again

Check iEdge status by follow command

Show process blocked 
Show process iedged location all
Show subscriber infra readiness
Show tech subscriber (for iedge and dhcp point of view)
Show tech arp

Monitor one issue session by follow commands from up to down

show dhcp ipv4 proxy binding mac-address
show dhcp ipv4 proxy binding | i
sh im database interface Bundle-Etherxx.xxxx.ipxxxxx

We need follow an issue STB and capture the packets from up to down that will help us to check what’s happen.

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