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vBNG on XRv 9000


Now Cisco had integrated BNG feature to XRv9000 platform in new version (from 631), that can let customer integrade the feature in their NFVI Infrastructure, that will flexible deploy the BNG in same Server Box. And the article will set up a simple vBNG environment that build by VIRL + XRv9000, and simple test IPoE/PPPoE. That environment will help you to easy TS vBNG PI issue, and packets paths.



Troubleshooting IPoE Session that pending at “ACK-DPM-WAIT”


The article will talk about what is “ACK-DPM-WAIT”, and how to troubleshooting the similar scenario. Due to limitation info that couldn’t narrow down, in my CASE, so will update the article if the issue happen again and find RCA.

Problem Description

Version: 5.1.3 + induvial SMU
Platform: 9010 + Mod80 + A9K-MPA-4X10GE
BNG: IPOE, DHCP Proxy, 28k session

My customer found part of BNG session was failure. Trigger is due to customer power supply have issue that cause the asr9k re-power. After 9k reload, found dhcpd and arp have so many alarms, dhcpd was recovery after tried restart process multi times, but arp continue have SPIO alarm even if tried restart process, customer had enabled arp local disable on the BNG port.

The issue sessions got address correct from DHCP, but session would be deleted after 15min. After checked on asr9k, we found issue session pending on ACK_DPM_WAIT status. And the issue was auto recovery at approx.19:00-19:30. And at that timeslot, arp alarm disappear too.

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