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ESXI tips



[root@localhost:~] more /etc/vmware/rhttpproxy/config.xml | grep 443




Enable Wireguard in Synology 918+

Some applications only working in same broadcast, so vpn feature is must have when access personal resource (e.g: NAS) from Internet. The artical only cover Wireguard, but not include theory.

Install APP

Follow up by the Github for synology-wireguard, not summarized again. Just put the spk that base on DSM7.0:

Follow base on DSM7.2:


How to deploy xrv9k in vCenter if you have only qcow2 image?

At some times, we only have a qcow2 image, but ESXI(vCenter) only supports vmdk, how to do deploy? In the video guide, I will show how to convert img to vmdk from qcow2, then deploy by import exist hardware(vmdk).

Btw, xrv9k supports only 3 virtual interfaces: e1000, virtio, and VMXnet3. Please notices not support e1000e!




根据如下拓扑,用iphone和ipad查看nas的高清资源总是卡,低于5mbps码率的资源没问题,当网线连接时,50mbps码率的视频也没问题,所以严重怀疑wifi出了问题,但又不好查哪里的问题,我在AppStore上找了一圈,也没有一个像样的wifi 分析软件,即使收费也能接受呀。。。

Iphone/Ipad — <wifi 5g> — wrt1200ac —<GE>—918+



How to upgrade eXR by one cmd “install replaced” | NCS5500

Awesome upgrade cmd for eXR, that will help customer simplify upgrade procedure and do upgrade automation! Feature release from 652. Just tested and summarized.

I summarized normal upgrade eXR version by install add/prepare/active at former: Upgrade/Install Packages in eXR. For the article, will summary how to upgrade by install replaced.

“Install replaced” is a new cmd that help customer upgrade only by one cmd, don’t need to add/prepare/active steps, that only support by GISO. What is GISO? That is an image bundle, customer can flexibly customize the image, e.g only bundle: ISIS rpm + mini iso + k9 rpm + configuration to one GISO, more GISO information, please check CCO Doc: Flexible Packaging Configuration Guide for Cisco NCS 5500 Series Routers

PS: “Install replaced” that will not affect running configuration, and auto removes inactive rpm, and commit.

Build GISO


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