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Telemetry Solution Demo with IOS XR

I put a telemetry demo to youtube at last year, but no more time summary… now I summaried in the article, will help you to easy build up the solution. Due to original testbed had changed, so follow some info maybe change, but all procedure should same. And XR configuration file is original. Demo video at this link:

Install Grafana and Influxdb by Docker

docker run -d -v grafana-storage:/var/lib/grafana -p 3000:3000 grafana/grafana:5.4.3
docker run -d --volume=/opt/influxdb:/data -p 8080:8083 -p 8086:8086 tutum/influxdb

Install Pipeline

git clone

Config Pipeline



How To Get Telemetry sensor path for show cmd on IOS XR?

When we want to collect some show information by Telemetry, we will face the 1st question that how to find the correct/resolved sensor path. The first step often traps us. Is there any good way to easily find the sensor path? The answer is “Yes”. I had summarized a way that can help you quickly find the sensor path.

Before read the article,there is a file that mapping between YANG and Sensor Path in XR, you can check by keyword(e.g fan, cpu and so on) first, if not found, then check my article.

Tue Jan 22 06:58:56.512 UTC
[xr-vm_node0_RP0_CPU0:~]$cd /pkg/telemetry/mdt/protogen

yang_to_Schema.txt has all yang path to xml schema path maps.


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